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Why PC Dialer is Still Popular in this Smartphone Era?

Though smartphone (with mobile dialer) has taken away the sheen from PC dialer due to its mobility and agility features, the truth of the matter is, PC dialer is still relevant in this smartphone era. It could be reasoned that the personal connection that users have with PCs and laptops tend them to continue using

Start Calling Card Business with Least Investment

In order to start a VoIP service with least investment, you have to start a calling card business. It is the right medium to deliver your VoIP services as most people around the world depend upon calling cards for making cheap long distance or international VoIP calls.

Anti-Block Mobile Dialer – 3 Prime Advantages of It

VoIP is emerging with a pace that we never witnessed before. The demand for VoIP services is high in regions where there is more population of expatriates. Many depend on VoIP services for long distance calling especially to call their families back home. In some regions, regulation on VoIP by telecom bodies and dominance of

5 Easy Tips to Improve Your VoIP Business

VoIP technology offers huge potential business opportunities for the telecom world. With a lot of people showing inclination towards using VoIP services, providers have a good opportunity to scale up their VoIP business by providing best and cost-effective services. In this context, the following 5 tips will help you to improve your VoIP business. 1.

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