How PINless Dialers are Simplifying Prepaid VoIP Adaption?

VoIP service has become a convenient and easier means to enjoy cheap long distance and international calls. However, not all get to access VoIP because of reasons like: regulatory restrictions on VoIP in many countries; low smartphone penetration; absence of high bandwidth internet connectivity; no required infrastructure to deploy VoIP networks, etc. In all these cases, users are at loss as they cannot access the cheaper means of making international and long distance calls. But then, calling cards have come to their rescue by allowing users to make prepaid calls at very low rates. As prepaid calls can be made even from a basic mobile handset, calling cards have become an instant hit among the worldwide users.

Using Calling Cards for Making Long Distance Calls
Calling cards work similarly to that of the normal cellular network calling cards. But, VoIP based calling cards are of two types, namely, PIN based calling cards and PINless calling cards. A user going for PIN based calling card has to enter the access number or DID and validate the PIN with IVR system. After successful validation, IVR system prompts the user to enter the destination number. Thus, a call is established.

On the other hand, PINless calling cards are aimed to make calling card experience very pleasurable to users. PINless calling cards doesn’t need users to validate the PIN as the system does the ANI authentication. So, users can directly enter the destination number after dialing the DID number. This gives a hassle-free experience to calling card users as they no longer need to remember the complex PIN codes for validation.

PINless Mobile Dialers – The New Attraction among Mobile VoIP Users
PINless Mobile Dialers are ideal for users who would want to enjoy the best of both worlds – calling cards and mobile VoIP from the same dialer. PINless Dialers require users to undergo for one-time PIN configuration so that they need not enter PIN code every time they wish to make a call. Certain PINless Dialers also have automatic DID selection so that users can simply dial the destination number while the system in the backdrop does the necessary DID selection and PIN authentication.

PINless Mobile Dialers are flexible and allows users to switch between calling card and mobile VoIP accounts. So, depending upon their needs users can use respective account balance to make long distance calls.

So, from PINless calling cards to PINless dialers the prepaid VoIP adaption has been made simple and robust over the time.

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