How to Add More Value to Your Retail VoIP Business?

Retail VoIP business continues to be on high demand because of the growing consumption of VoIP services globally. Most importantly, it is the mobile VoIP that has been contributing immensely towards the growth of retail VoIP business. The increased smartphone penetration and the rapid adoption of 3G and 4G communication networks has boosted the growth of mobile VoIP which in turn worked favorably for retail VoIP business.

With convenient means to access VoIP services, people worldwide have been intelligently using their smartphones to connect their loved ones scattered around the world. Today, IM & presence have become important communication tools for smartphone users who would like to instantly connect with loved ones. Realizing the importance of IM & presence, many retail VoIP providers have started leveraging mobile VoIP applications that support IM & presence besides other features. The idea is to keep the interest of the target audience alive with the features they wish to explore. Not just character messages, but even attachments and video clips could be sent over IM expanding its usability. So, IM & presence have always been one of the many factors retail VoIP providers would take into account for driving their business growth.

Apart from delivering tailored VoIP services to customers, it is the duty of the retail VoIP providers to offer good support to customers. A 24/7 customer service with quick follow up process will ensure the highest customer satisfaction. So, equal focus must be given in providing robust support for customers.

Branding is one more important factor that retail VoIP providers should consider in order to stand out in the competition. Retail VoIP providers who don’t have an in-house development team and depend upon solution vendors for mobile VoIP applications can take advantage of white label branding option provided by some of the reputed mobile VoIP solution vendors in the industry. With white label branding, retail VoIP providers can launch solution vendors’ flagship products on their own brand name and logo as well as change the look and feel of it. While the features included remains the same, it is just that the brand of the retail VoIP providers is reflected on the products. With this, customers can directly connect with the products of the retail VoIP providers and cause a spike in demand for their VoIP services.

Thus, IM & presence, good support and white label branding can become a game changer for retail VoIP business.

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