Hybrid Dialers and Their Significance for Service Providers

Typically, for using calling cards a user has to buy a calling card which provides necessary details such as PIN code, DID number (Access Number), denomination, calling instructions, feature codes, etc. For dialing a destination number from mobile phone (not necessarily smartphone), a user has to first enter the DID number so that the IVR prompts to validate the PIN code. Upon successful validation, IVR reads out the available calling minutes and prompts the user to enter the destination number. Such a lengthy process is involved to enjoy cheap long distance prepaid calls using calling cards. Also, any wrong entry of details will require the user to go through the entire process right from the scratch.

To some extent, PIN less calling cards have provided relief to calling card users by eliminating the need to enter PIN details every time they wish to make a call. A user can now simply enter the destination number after dialing the DID number as the PIN authentication is automatically done via ANI. But, what if a mobile VoIP user want to experience PIN less calling card usage directly from the app? Is it possible? Yes, with the new hybrid dialers users can make pre-paid calls from the app using the calling cards. Basically, hybrid dialer is one type of mobile VoIP applications designed specifically to ease the use of calling cards. They require users to undergo one-time PIN configuration so that the hybrid dialer won’t prompt the users to validate PIN every time they wish to make a call. A user can simply dial the destination number using the dial pad of the hybrid dialer so that the rest of the process like DID selection and PIN validation takes place automatically in the background.

Essentially, hybrid dialers work even without internet connection as they now have the provision to make prepaid calls using calling cards. Users who step out of WiFi zone or don’t have enough mobile VoIP calling minutes or located in low-bandwidth areas or running out of mobile data can effectively use the hybrid dialer’s calling card facility and still make cheap prepaid calls. These use cases of hybrid dialers have created an unprecedented demand for it from service providers. It’s like offering best of both worlds – mobile VoIP solution and calling card experience from the same application.

Service Providers especially mobile VoIP providers should consider leveraging hybrid dialers as terminal points to boost up their VoIP services as they can now sell mobile VoIP calling minutes and calling cards.

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