Mobile VoIP Business – Basic Dos and Don’ts

Mobile VoIP – although one of the profitable small businesses to start, can prove costly if you don’t avoid some pitfalls. Even if you purchase the mobile VoIP solution from the industry leading provider, things can go wrong too quickly. The following are the dos and don’ts that you should be aware of while dealing with mobile VoIP business.

Mobile VoIP Business – Dos:

  1. Go for a SIP compatible VoIP softswitch as it more secure and reliable
  2. Leverage mobile VoIP apps that are intuitive, easy-to-use and available across multiple platforms
  3. Use encryption and VoIP tunneling software to overcome VoIP blockages for seamless call termination
  4. Offer value added services such as IM, SMS, balance transfer, etc., to attract more customers
  5. Support high quality audio codecs such as G.729 & G.723.1 which have high compression ratio
  6. Take feedback from your customers on a regular basis and implement the corrective measures.

Mobile VoIP Business Don’ts:

  1. Engaging a softswitch that has low concurrent call capacity than what is needed for your business
  2. Leveraging mobile VoIP apps that doesn’t support high quality codecs such as G.729 & G.723.1
  3. Not updating the customers about stable releases of mobile VoIP dialer
  4. Leaving customer issues unattended
  5. Billing customers more than their usage
  6. Routing traffic through poor quality route

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