MoSIP Plus – Now a TMC 2015 Communication Solution Winner!

Ever since the advent of smartphones, mobile VoIP business has received a major boost in the VoIP industry. According to Juniper Research, there will be 1 billion mobile VoIP users by 2017. Such is the potential of mobile VoIP that every VoIP player wants to leverage to make big money. Though smartphone revolution is the obvious reason for the rapid spread of mobile VoIP, it is the awareness of the benefits of VoIP that has motivated people to adopt VoIP services.  Thus, mobile VoIP has seen a major boom in the recent past.

Mobile VoIP simply means pairing VoIP with cellular phones to allow VoIP calls by using internet as the medium. Using VoIP, the call rates are significantly slashed for long distance and international calls. Even the voice quality is on par with that of the normal cellular network telephony services. So, mobile VoIP providers offer the best alternative for people around the world to enjoy cheap VoIP calls from their mobile devices.

Mobile VoIP providers offer mobile VoIP applications that can be downloaded by users around the world on to their mobile devices for making VoIP calls. MoSIP Plus is one such smart mobile VoIP solution from Voxvalley Technologies that can be leveraged by mobile VoIP providers to reach the farthest markets. The mobile dialer is available across a wide range of platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows and BlackBerry for targeting a larger audience. With crystal clear voice quality, SMS, IM and 3 way call conferencing, MoSIP Plus offers more sociable VoIP communication experience to its users. The mobile application continues to inspire many new VoIP players to take up mobile VoIP business.

The prominence of MoSIP Plus rose to a new height when it was awarded the prestigious TMC Communications Solutions Product of the Year 2015 recently. TMC, a global integrated media company presents its most covetous Communications Solutions Product of the Year award annually to those innovative VoIP products and services that facilitate voice, data and video communications that were brought to the market or significantly improved within the last 12 months. This honor is the testament as to why most mobile VoIP providers continue to choose MoSIP Plus as their mobile dialer for offering VoIP services to end customers.

If you’re a mobile VoIP provider and wish to leverage MoSIP Plus as your perfect mobile end point, click here.

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