PC Dialers Still Have High Demand in 2016!

No doubt mobile VoIP dialers have taken away the sheen from PC dialers over the last couple of years, but the truth remains – PC dialers still have high demand in 2016. There are many reasons to support this theory, but some of the prominent ones are listed below.

1. PC Dialers offer professional image in office environment

Within an office environment, communicating to clients via mobile dialers doesn’t give a professional image for a company so many prefer using PC dialers for this purpose. As mobile dialers powered mobile devices are used for both personal and professional use, it is hard to differentiate between the same. Whereas PC dialers powered desktops and laptops are strictly limited to official use. So, PC dialers often help to boost up the professional image of the company.

2. More reliable and convenient option

PC dialer is in use for a long time now and many people (especially millennials) find it easy and convenient to make cheap international and long distance calls. So, it’s an old habit that tend many people around the world to back PC dialers despite the growing trend of mobile VoIP adoption. Also, as desktops and laptops are a regular find in every home and the internet connection is more stable on PCs.

3. No noisy background so hassle-free calling experience

The communication quality is very high in the case of PC dialers when compared to mobile dialers. This is because the chances of having a noisy background is very high in the case of using mobile dialers as mobile users usually travel from one place to another under different background conditions. Whereas in the case of PC dialers, users either use desktop or laptop to communicate to their loved ones using good quality headphones and mic. As in most cases, they communicate in an enclosure the chances of having a noisy background is very less. Hence, they enjoy a hassle-free calling experience.

4. PC dialers can still act as a VoIP endpoint in addition to mobile VoIP apps

In addition to mobile VoIP apps that act as perfect endpoints for mobile VoIP services, PC dialers can still act as a competent endpoint for utilizing VoIP services. So, it can still remain as a steady revenue channel for VoIP service providers.

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