Start Calling Card Business with Least Investment

In order to start a VoIP service with least investment, you have to start a calling card business. It is the right medium to deliver your VoIP services as most people around the world depend upon calling cards for making cheap long distance or international VoIP calls.

The Types of Calling Cards in Usage

Calling cards are again of two types namely PIN based calling cards and PIN less calling cards. PIN based calling cards require users to dial the access number and enter the PIN. If the PIN authentication is successful then the system prompts the user to enter the destination number.  On the other hand, PIN less calling cards require users to directly enter the destination number after dialing the access number. It supports ANI authentication. So, select a calling card platform that supports both types of calling cards.

Solution Needed to Start a Calling Card Business

The calling card solution should support advanced routing types such as LCR (least cost routing) and percentage routing so that you can enjoy maximum profits. Add to that, the billing interface should be robust enough to generate CDRs and bill the customers accurately. Monitoring interface will give you full control over your business so that you can take corrective measures if things are not working as intended. Reporting interface will help you generate various types of reports for performance analysis. Together, they form a strong calling card platform that can help you drive more business with least investment.

Staying Ahead of Competition in Your Calling Card Business

If you want to get into the market aggressively and delight your customers, then offering a hybrid mobile dialer can added competitive advantage for your calling card business. The hybrid dialer is a mobile application that simplifies the usage of your calling cards. Your customer don’t have to remember your calling cards’ lengthy access code and destination codes to make a call. Fed once these details, the hybrid dialer saves the access code and directly enable the app users to call the contacts from app address book.


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