VoIP Service Providers Should Consider Exploring Calling Card Dialers

Prepaid VoIP continues to be the biggest market opportunity for VoIP service providers and startups. There has been a surge in the number of prepaid VoIP subscribers in the recent past due to easy availability of means to access VoIP for making international or long distance calls at low rates. Calling Cards, Call Shops, Mobile PIN less Dialers, Call Back and International Mobile Top-Ups have spread the popularity of prepaid VoIP solutions worldwide.

Particularly, PIN less Calling Card Dialers (Mobile PIN less Dialers) have shifted gears to rapidly improve the PIN-less Calling Card VoIP experience for end users. In countries, where deployment of VoIP networks is technically not feasible due to low bandwidth spectrum or strict telecom regulatory compliances, the use of PIN less calling card dialers is very high. New VoIP players can exploit this business opportunity and make huge profits.

Make VoIP calls without internet connection

PIN less calling card dialer offers a means to access VoIP for making international or long distance calls at reduced rates even without internet connection from a smartphone. It further simplifies the use of calling cards with the smart “one-time PIN configuration” settings. Also, DID for a particular destination is automatically selected when the user enters the destination number. So, users no longer require to remember lengthy PINs and DID numbers in order to make VoIP calls. When internet connectivity is available, the call costs can be further reduced offering an amazing user experience for PIN less calling card users.

How calling card dialer works?

PIN less calling card dialers are available across all major mobile platforms offering wide market reach for service providers. End users have to download the dialer on their favorite mobile devices and undergo one-time PIN configuration to get started. The dialer application will automatically authenticate the PIN and allows the end user to directly enter the destination number. Depending upon the destination number, an appropriate DID is automatically selected and a connection is established between the dialer and service provider’s switch. Based on the switch’s routing logic, calls are sent to the best routes for termination.

VoIP service providers should consider exploring PIN less Calling card dialers in order to expand their market reach and make huge returns. Some well-known mobile VoIP solution providers even offer white labeling on their flagship PIN less calling card dialers which will certainly give service providers a competitive edge over others.

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