MoSIP Hybrid Dialer

Mobile Dialer with PIN less Calling Card Usage


“MoSIP Hybrid is one-of-a-kind mobile dialer that enables easy IP calling and PIN less calling card usage. Using this app, end users can stay connected even in the absence of internet connectivity. This feature assumes greater significance as end users can now enjoy seamless IP calling with MoSIP Hybrid.

Basically, for IP calling this app uses Wi-Fi or 3G whenever internet connection is available; otherwise call can be initiated through the pre-configured calling card settings. By this, end users can eliminate the tedious job of entering the PIN every time they wish to make a call.

MoSIP Hybrid supports iOS, Android and Windows Mobile platforms. Service providers can also take the advantage of our white label services to run MoSIP Hybrid under their own brand name.”

  • One Application For Dual Functionalities – MoSIP Hybrid allows both mobile VoIP and DID number usage creating an engaging mobile user experience for users.
  • Don’t Limit Your Service only to Few Platforms. MoSIP is readily available in all major mobile platforms and devices.
  • Navigate With Ease – The user interface of this dialer is very simple and easy to navigate allowing users to explore its wide range of functionalities.
  • Independent of Network Connection – Regardless of the network connection, users can enjoy seamless IP calling with MoSIP Hybrid.
  • Works On Any Device - This dialer works perfectly well on all major mobile platforms and devices encouraging users to use this app on any device of their choice.
  • Being a signed app with Symantec code signing certificate, this dialer application is safe for customers to download within the Android environment.


This easy-to-use dialer offers a range of qualitative features that have been a huge hit with customers worldwide.

  • App Features

  • Audio calling & Address Book integration
  • Store and display Call detail record
  • Voucher recharge, Balance transfer, Balance display
  • Enables IP calling & cellular calling (through Calling Card) from the same mobile app
  • Easy configuration to choose between Wi-Fi and 3G depending on its availability.
  • Easy configuration to choose between IP calling and calling card depending upon the need
  • Supports DID API, which provides DID (access number provider) depending upon the user location using Google Geographical Location API
  • Does NAT handling for the dialers running on private IP
  • Displays custom help web pages in web view
  • VoIP/SIP Features

  • Supports INVITE, CANCEL, BYE, REGISTER, OPTIONS, INFO methods as per RFC 3261
  • Audio Calling - Incoming/Outgoing, Hold/Resume, DTMF Tone generation/detection (RFC 4733/ 2833)
  • Audio Codecs - Speex iLBC, G.711(PCMA/PCMU), G.722, G.729
  • NAT traversal solution
  • Voice activity detection (VAD)
  • Supported Transports: UDP, TCP

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