MoSIP Plus Dialer

Enhanced Mobile Dialer with IM & SMS Features


MoSIP+ is an advanced version of MoSIP dialer with features such as Instant Messaging and SMS. To match the fast-paced communication world, MoSIP dialer is being reinforced with quick messaging tools. With this, mobile users can stay in touch with anyone around the world at a fast clip. Further, communication through IM & SMS is cost-effective and very popular among majority of the world’s population. And as usual, the application can be used for seamless VoIP calling.

  • Quick Mode of Communication – MoSIP+ dialer offers quick mode of communication through its IM & SMS features for users to stay connected on the go.
  • Perform Actions With Ease – The new intuitive interface of MoSIP+ dialer allows users to easily perform their desired actions through its simplified navigational features.
  • Access From Any Device – This dialer is made available on all major platforms and mobile devices for easy access by users.
  • Being a signed app with Symantec code signing certificate, this dialer application is safe for customers to download within the Android environment.
  • Increased Channels of Communication – This dialer offers users to communicate through multiple channels such as IM, SMS and IP calling based on their convenience.
  • Refreshing Mobile User Experience – The communication experience through MoSIP+ is altogether refreshing and always inviting for users to come back and use it again.


The list of features supported by MoSIP+ runs big as it combines the features of MoSIP in addition to its IM & SMS features. As a result, it provides a powerful combination of features to users.

  • App Features

  • Instant Messaging over SIMPLE (Session Initiation Protocol for Instant Messaging and Presence Leveraging Extensions)
  • SMS to a PSTN Number and App-to-app calls
  • 3-way audio call conferencing
  • Integrated phonebook, replicated dialer, call log info
  • Automated balance display, IVR & network switching
  • Auto switch to strong signal when signal is weak (Applicable to iOS and Android)
  • Excellent performance in low bandwidth when coupled with Vox Bridge
  • IVR support to alert on the remaining call minutes
  • Stores 50 call logs and unlimited storage of contacts
  • VoIP/SIP Features

  • Supports INVITE, CANCEL, BYE, REGISTER, OPTIONS, INFO methods as per RFC 3261
  • Audio Calling- Incoming/Outgoing, Hold/Resume, DTMF Tone generation/detection (RFC 4733/ 2833)
  • Audio Codecs - Speex iLBC, G.711(PCMA/PCMU), G.722, G.729
  • NAT traversal solution
  • Voice activity detection (VAD)
  • Supported Transports: UDP, TCP
  • Audio Call Recording
  • Voicemail

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